Find one like-minded person near you

Starting a MAFA group is easier than you think.  Remember, a group is 2 to 100 people who meet weekly to work on getting our freedoms back.  So really, all you need is one other person who shares your desire to help end medical tyranny.  That seems doable.  One person.

Set a meeting schedule

Find a day, time, and place to meet that works for both of you.  It can be at your house or a local business or church.  They are called “Thursday Groups”, but can really be any day of the week.  Be consistent so it’s not confusing.  And meet every week – that’s important.

Register your group

On the website there is a tab at the top called “Weekly Group Support”.  Click on it and you’ll find lots of information on starting a group.  The top item is “MAFA meeting leader registration and agreement”.  You fill out the short form and send it to  Just like that, you’re a registered group.

Get your agenda

Once on the MAFA list as a leader, every Thursday you’ll be emailed a meeting agenda to follow and a couple of links for a video or two to watch at the start of your meeting.  So you don’t even need a lot of time to prep for the meeting – just follow along.  You will be given legal updates, current events, and other relevant information.

Keep Informed

As a group leader, you will also get an email every three weeks for a meeting leader call that Pam holds on Sunday evening.  She gives you updates to share with the group.  And will answer any questions that you have as a leader.  That means you also get to hear what other leaders are asking about.


Next, each of you invite one more person. Then each of them invites one more. And so on.  And don’t worry if you’re slow in getting your group to grow, remember – we are starting a movement and not a following.  Each person that is added needs to make a difference and do their part.  It’s not quantity, it’s quality!!

Have fun

It really is easy to lead!  So just start!  You won’t believe how much fun it is!

And as the state leader for South Carolina MAFA-SC, I’m here for you too!