Hello! Welcome to Make Americans Free Again, South Carolina chapter. We are so glad you’re interested in joining us in the fight for our freedoms.

Our goal at MAFA-SC is to have MAFA meetings held in every community all across the great state of South Carolina. In our groups, we will accomplish a number of important objectives including:

–Raise money to fight back against the tyranny with targeted lawsuits

–Gather the silent majority into a database to eventually hold power over elected officials

–Help rescue small businesses adversely affected by the lockdowns and mandates

–Help parents remove their children from schools that have dangerous rules

–Help healthcare providers who want to get out of the system

–Give you peace of mind that you’re not alone and you’re not crazy as you worry about what you see happening

During our weekly meetings, we have an organized agenda that we follow. And while socializing with like-minded people is big part of our success, so is having a very disciplined approach. We know everyone is busy, so we will make sure to use our time together wisely.

Please reach out and join us in taking our country back and regaining our freedom!!

Remember — Nothing will change until Americans are willing to come together, face-to-face, in our communities, and stand together against the growing tyranny.