Because you’ll make new friends – people who share your views and values

Because you’ll have fun!  Most members report that MAFA meetings are the highlight of their week!

Because you’ll work with fellow group members to invest in your community – such as small business rescues that can help businesses you know personally, where you live

Because you’ll attend fun parties and gatherings that raise money for our legal team

Because MAFA meetings are creating a parallel society and becoming a place to find almost anything you need

Because you’ll be joining the most successful group in the US that is restoring our communities and our country

Because we are bringing tens of millions of people together – and with enough people and power, we can stop almost any rule or restriction “they” impose

Because we are Americans who love our country & want to save it!

Join us and you’ll understand why!!

For more information on how to start a group in your community to see the reasons for yourself, contact